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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel

I had almost completely forgotten that I had this record just sitting in my inbox until earlier today when I saw a piece featuring Ne Obliviscaris on Metalsucks. Now that I'm listening too it, I couldn't be happier for the reminder to give it a whirl. Citadel is epic in scope and reveals a band who truly understand what they're doing and where they're coming from. Ne Obliviscaris is creating music that is majestic and multi-layered, the kind of metal that we need as we prepare to face this dark and merciless winter.

These songs are mystical because they ring out to the heart of the listener, yes they demand investment, but even after one listen it's easy to see why so many have been raving about this band. The music found on Citadel may have black metal and death metal fringes but the classic prog element is undeniable, and this fusion is really interesting to listen too. The wonderfully dark frills are contrasted by guitar lines and vocal passages that can only be compared to Dream Theater. For me at least, Citadel proves that Ne Obliviscaris have the potential to be this generations prog overlords, mixing in all sorts of cool ideas into something that is wonderfully complicated yet also very simple.

Citadel may be a masterwork, but it doesn't overwhelm the listener. It's easy to see these guys have chops that are to die for, but they're not going to force them on you. Ne Obliviscaris have created something that you can spin again and again and find new and exciting twists and turns every time. This record is immaculate in its conception and has all of the confidence of a band who are really coming into their own. These songs are brave and beautiful, let them into your heart, and all will be set right.

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