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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nihilisten Barbaarisuus - Vainamoinen

There is a stripped back and incredibly bleak beauty to black metal that has always made the genre extremely special to me. When the songs reach into meditative riffs and otherworldly screams for music that captures the imagination and takes you to a magical fair away place, what more could you want? Nihilisten Barbaarisuus prove with Synkka Tuuli that they know how to create incredible and surreal vibes that transport the listener across all manner of soundscapes. These are not songs to be taken lightly because they are from a band who seem to have a deeper understanding of themselves than most could ever imagine.

When you dig into this two track EP's main song, the nearly seven minute long eponymous track Vainamoinen you start to get a true sense for what these guys are capable of. The thing is, Nihilisten Barbaarisuus are more than a black metal band with a long name, they are capable of invoking a certain frostbitten magic that is, simply put, so fetch. They create an experience that will force you to close your eyes and drift away from the pain of the modern world and instead face the everyday melancholy that plagues so many of us. Nihilisten Barbaarisus are veritable prophets, coming forth and showing us the darkness we all fear and giving us the chance to come to terms with it. 

At the end of the day, what more can be said that Vainamoinen other than that it will sweep you off your feet and make you realize that though things may seem dark, it's an emotion we must all deal with. Nihilisten Barbaarisus are one of the best atmospheric black metal bands in the world and as you seep into the otherworldly might of this band it's hard to deny the beauty that Vainamoinen has, even if you aren't a fan of this particular genre. Immerse yourself into the pit and find light, it's the only way out.

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