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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dire Omen - Wrestling the Revelation of Futility

Dire Omen are the kind of blackened death metal band who create a total sonic experience. There is a wonderful sense of death that permeates all of their music and leaves you grasping for you sanity. Is their a real world beneath the layers of madness that define Wrestling the Revelation of Futility? I'm not entirely sure, but I do know that the soundscapes and songwriting are so fetch. What I mean to say is that as you immerse yourself in the dark worlds crafted by Dire Omen on this record you find yourself carried away to a place that is profoundly beautiful. 

The sense of existential terror and destruction that Dire Omen are able to craft is very impressive. Wrestling the Revelation of Futility is oftentimes very nihilistic and for the uninitiated this record will probably be viewed as inaccessible. On some level, this is kind of the point. Dire Omen is not for everyone, and that's part of what makes it so interesting. Those who do choose to steep themselves into this oftentimes frightening sonic landscape are not always going to find stuff they want and they will be forced to face some rather grim questions. I love this kind of record, when my mind is opened up and the world forgotten you can't help but smile, Dire Omen whisk you away to a brave new world and it's magical.

I've probably rambled far too long already about a record that will probably unfortunately go down as a footnote in the annals of metal history. But guess what, it doesn't matter, because Dire Omen are an incredible band who are doing something very special. If any of you reading this review decide to spend the time to fully digest this record then now that you will be justly rewarded. Grim and mesmerizing Dire Omen will capture the imagination. They are innovative and apocalyptic, sink in your teeth and feel the nihilistic triumph wash over you it's wholly worth it.

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