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Friday, November 28, 2014


It's Black Friday, the entire nation seems to be in a collective hangover from all the food we shoved down our faces mere hours ago. So now I bring you Spitehouse, a grungy rock band from the side of the pond where they don't do make poor choices and gorge one day a year in November. Young and restless these guys have music that seems to be couched in raw energy, bursting at the seams and raging forth with a sort of ungodly energy that few of their peers can claim to match. Filled with emotion and unafraid t be incredibly sad, Spitehouse are doing everything by their own rules, one minute pulling at the heartstrings and the next playing loud and over the top music that would rock any party. These young Englishmen have a pretty distinct sound and a great artistic vision, it leaves me vegging for more and excited for what they will be able to do next. Dig into the down to earth beauty of this band and enjoy your Black Friday, I certainly am.

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