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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Toxoid - Aurora Satanae

The Indian black metal scene as is, is very exciting. The few bands that have managed to make it to my ears respect the tropes and the primal rage of apocalyptic black metal but they also tend to have a distinct, indescribable Indian touch. Toxoid is one of the coolest bands to have come out of this scene and their blazing and frostbitten take on black metal is not to be missed. With stellar production and beautifully constructed songs Aurora Satanae will draw you and never spit you out, it's a black metal record for the ages, and one that will leave you entranced.

The guys who wrote this record have a clear and wonderful understanding of black metal riffing. When you get lost in a song like Feed My Wrath it's easy to forget you're not listening to a classic black metal band from Norway in the 90s. The music on Aurora Satanae is tightly refined and almost meditative at times. The ungodly cries found on this record transport you to another place and hold your mind prisoner in the shackles of a brave new reality. Simply put, the raw vibes and mesmerizing rhythms that Toxoid employ prove that black metal will never die and lives on in a new generation of musicians hellbent on making the genre better than ever.

Wonderfully simple and easy to dig your teeth into, Aurora Satanae is not going to leave you disappointed. Anyone who digs into the Transylvanian darkness of this record will be able to relate it to the work of black metal warriors of old. This album is a masterwork, and leaves me to wonder what these guys will be able to produce next. Toxoid understand their own inner darkness and have been able to craft something that stands tall next to the old masters. So let these brilliantly constructed and triumphantly produce tracks ring forth, for now is the coming of a new age.

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