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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Infestum - Monuments of Exalted

Infestum is the kind of ferocious black metal band who bring a bit of a forwardthinking or even avant garde touch their music. There new record Monuments of Exalted uses powerful and stripped down rhythms to create an engaging record that has a distinctly human twist to it. See, beneath the strange order that seems to define a large part of this records sound there are also chaotic moments,moments where you feel your sanity fraying as you dip into a sort of otherworldly hellscape from which there is no real escape. The songs that show Infestum at their best seem to combine the two, as well as hinting at the bands nerdier side. On this record you'll find Star Wars being sampled along with references to the classic horror canon, it simply goes to build the atmosphere that Infestum seem to be going for. As you bend your knee before Monuments of Exalted it's hard to hate on what these guys have created, and soon I think fans across the globe will be worshiping it.

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