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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Year of the Goat - The Key And The Gate

Year of the Goat have been putting out some pretty cool metal oriented material for a few years now, and I always dug the 70's occult vibe that defined so much of their sound. While there can be links made to Ghost I feel like Year of the Goat are significantly different than that. There is something a lot artsier about this band and perhaps even progressive. On this new EP The Key And The Gate one needs to look no further than songs like Mystic Mountains to realize that Year of the Goat are starting to get on to something much deeper.

The songs here have a very real sense of darkness that is quite simply wonderful. These songs will capture your imagination, they certainly got a jaded old metal dude like me thinking. When these dudes rip into solos and let their music shine through they show that they have the capacity to do anything. There is something mystical and powerful about their sound, as if their obsession with Satan has led to them selling their souls and achieving rock and roll transcendence. I will say this though, the ideas found on The Key And The Gate are very solid, but it feels far too short. These songs need companions, brothers, to help keep things exciting, otherwise it's harder to get deep into the music.

The epic soundscapes and mournful tunes found within The Key And The Gate are going to capture your imagination, make no mistake. It's merely a question now of how deep down the rabbit whole you are willing to go. With crunchy guitars and moody keys out in abundance I don't think that anybody is going to truly dislike this record, and a lot of people are going to love it to death. So go forth and let The Key And The Gate into your life, sure it has yet to drop, but get pumped, this is going to go down hard, loud, and proud.

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