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Sunday, November 16, 2014

NervoChaos - The Art of Vengeance

NervoChaos is the kind of thrashy death metal band that defines the primitive brutality that rules the genre. Their new record, The Art of Vengeance is the kind of thing that bashes its way into your house smashes in your faces and murders your wife. NervoChaos are far too much fun to listen too and they have a great sense of their own sound. When they come charging out of the gate with high speed riffs and crunchy chugs you better take heed, because they just might practice the art of vengeance on you!

I think what first struck me about The Art of Vengeance was how easy it is to get latched in to these songs. Sure they tend to be very brutal and not super hooky, but the grooves are easily understandable and speak to a more primitive notion within all of us. I think a big part of what makes their sound so interesting is the variation in the growls. While they do all stay on the more brutal side of things, there is definitely a shift between vocal stylings reminiscent of Napalm Death, brutal death metal, and even Leprosy era Chuck Schuldiner. At first this might not seem that diverse, but when you hear them in context it adds a lot of flavor to the songs.

The Art of Vengeance is by no means a totally innovative record, but it certainly makes for interesting listening and an overall good time. These songs have a wonderful balance of fast and slow, and even touches of dark against light. While things may seem grim, there is still a sense of fun that permeates certain songs and gives us a light beyond the incredible darkness that NervoChaos seem to so readily embrace. Music that will make you dive into the pit and headbang until you drop, NervoChaos are starting to hit on something special.

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