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Monday, December 15, 2014

Abscession - Grave Offerings

I've talked before about the primal glory of death metal, yet there is also a certain sense of bombast that many of these bands miss out on. Abscession understand the glorious drama that can take place in the context of a death metal song. There is something, not quite anthemic, but certainly epic about what Abscession have done with Grave Offerings. Their music is frighteningly brutal at times and there is an almost animalistic vibe to what they're doing. These guys will spread eagle you then nail you to a wall, they're simply that good.

I think what really gets me about Grave Offerings is that even though it's oftentimes epic in scale Abscession never lose sight of the primeval nature of true Swedish death metal. Sure some of the riffs are flashy, but they're always contrasted by crushers like the intro to Blowtorch Blues. These songs remind me why I love death metal. Sure I may be jaded from overconsumption, but these guys come in and provide me something just a little bit more rotten than usual, and its beautiful. The putridity that defines Abscessions attack has captured my imagination and has my head banging. This is a band who get at the spirit of the genre and will tear out your throat.

A band who are capable of making you feel like you're dying, Abscession are clearly turned on to something greater, they are, simply put, one of the most destructive bands I've listened too in a good long while. An album that I will certainly listen too again and again, I may be three or four spins deep, but I'm still perpetually excited by the gut melting churn that these guys seem to slam out with ease. Grave Offerings is dynamic and expertly put together, truly death metal to make the modern man grimace in gore.

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