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Friday, December 19, 2014

Atlas Losing Grip - Currents

I'm sad to say that recently shit has gotten very real in the Two Guys Metal Reviews camp and sometimes your heart pulls down on you with the wait of a veritable lead zeppelin. Sometimes though  with this blog I find a record that perfectly embodies where I'm at, and Currents does exactly that. Proof that Atlas Losing Grip are one of the premier punk bands of our time, this record will capture your imagination with vivid soundscapes that are created by remarkable simple guitar lines, a testimony to how great these guys are as songwriters.

This record is just so incredibly perfect on multiple levels. Though it is essentially a punk record you hear elements of metal, indie, and more in the sound. It's at times exciting and others deeply emotional. There are big choruses here and lyrics that speak to the sorrow of our time. No matter who you are, it's easy to latch on to the simple beauty of Atlas Losing Grip. I didn't know about this band before, but sinking into their sound feels so incredibly natural, it speaks to something deeper about humanity. Currents takes you on a veritable musical journey from the hard hitting intro of Sinking Ship to the epic closing track, this is an alubm that you will not soon forget.

In the end, what more can I say other than that Atlas Losing Grip know how it's done. Their music is exciting and well executed, the kind of stuff that most other modern punk bands dream about. Easy to fall in love with a fun to sing along to Currents will capture your imagination mere minutes in to your first listen. This is an album that reminds me why I love music, and why in this crazy old screwed up universe of ours we have reason to go forward. Atlas Losing Grip may very well save us all from the madness of the twenty first century.

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