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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Putrid Christ - Burning Temples of the Holy

USBM has always been interesting me because it tends to be less abrasive and blasphemous than its European counterpart. However, I've always been struck by the bands that were able to totally contradict this and put out something fresh and exciting, black metal that horrifies the listener and proves that American black metallers aren't just a bunch of nature loving hippies but instead men and women who can strive for something profoundly evil, and Burning Temples Of The Holy is nothing if not evil.

The magic of Burning Temples Of The Holy is that despite the crushing riffs and oftentimes frightening brutality that defines so much of the record there is still something you can get lost in. These songs go deeper and seem to encourage the listener to find the sublime darkness within. There is something endlessly fascinating about demonic odes like Raped In the Ruins of the Woods. The touches of bombast help to make this record almost... fun at times, or at least extremely listenable. The exterior, as alienating as it might be, of the Putrid Christ sound does not speak to the magic and mesmerizing power of the deep cuts.

So dig in, let these blast beats seep into your soul and try to find some dreg of sanity to hold on to before you dive into the void. Putrid Christ seem singularly obsessed with darkness and getting into the perverted palace of their minds is quite the journey. One of the premier USBM acts today, the future seems bright for these Minnesota based blasphemers. The kvlt remains alive with the eternal darkness stirred up by Putrid Christ and their wonderful sense of evil will keep you awake in the dark hours of the night.

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