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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cara Neir/Venowl Split

Man, I've gotten to cover a lot of cool splits lately, and this new one from Cara Neir and Venowl is definitely up there as one of the coolest. With two bands who are distinctly different but have just enough in common to make it work, this split starts us off with three tracks of blistering crust punk with a touch of the ethereal courtest of Cara Neir and then pummels the listener into oblivion with the oppressive and oftentimes terrifying sonic attack that is the Venowl sound. There is no message of hope here, only the prayer that death might be fast and painless.

The thing I admire about both of these bands is their ability to grasp a broad spectrum of human emotions. The bizarre ambient acoustic darkness that characterizes Cara Neirs track Nights... is the perfect antithesis to some of the furiest crusty magic that they invoke in their other songs. Haunting melodies that will keep you up late into the night. Meanwhile, Venowl have the ability to make you feel like you are dying. There is no respite in their attack and every minute spent bent down before them is another minute that you realize you are edging closer to death. Venowl will rip your face off and then enlighten you, fulfilling their purpose as demented doom demons.

These bands both understand the raw triumph of their respective genres and they guide you towards something much more profound. At times scary, but still a pleasure to listen to, Cara Neir get the bleak triumph of their unique take on crust punk. Meanwhile, Venowl have the strange ability to make every part of you want the sweet release of death. In a strange way it's kind of satisfying and even dare I say encouraging? These bands have come together for something special, and it leaves me hopeful for what their future output will hold.

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