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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Planethard - Now

Now, now that has a nice sense of  immediacy and power to it. It in fact much reflects the fun, hard hitting and easily accessible nature of Planethards music. Music with all sorts of epic modern metal tendencies these songs,while not groundbreaking are certainly a pleasure to listen too, especially for fans of bands like Avenged Sevenfold. Simple and with few frills, Planethard manages to take tried and true formulas in order to show their dominance over the genre with their wonderfully tasty new record, Now.

When Planethard belt out their wonderful grooves underneath powerful vocals, they start to capture the imagination. Their attack is powerful and relies on old tropes that resonate with metalheads across the globe. It's exciting to hear, in 2014, a band who still managed to get to the spirits of a decent majority of metallers. As the scene gets increasingly fragmented it's reassuring to hear bands that take it back to the basics and put out music that will capture the imagination without going over the edge. Sure, Planethard aren't going to shift anyone's paradigms, but that's not the point, the point is to have a damn good time.

As we wind down, I just want to leave you with this thought, maybe mainstream modern metal which is meant to communicate with the masses is one of the best things that could be happening right now. Sure we have our favorite kvlt acts, but there's something slightly reassuring about a band like Planethard who can craft something that will help the masses get a sense for the power and the glory we are turned on to. Immaculately produced and fun to listen too, Now is one of the best mainstream metal releases of 2014.

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