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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ctulu - Sarkomand

Now this is what ultimate and beautiful black metal should be about. Epic and wonderfully powerful, there is a deep emotional connection that Ctulu manage to invoke on Sarkomand. With touches of the pagan north, triumphant choruses, and blazing Darkthrone-esque riffs, Ctulu understand what the true spirit of black metal is all about. They understand both the evil, and meditative value of the genre, creating something that is truly fetch. Immaculate and invigorating sonic death, Ctulu are only going up, masters of their own reality sent to damn us all to hell.

There is something deeply mesmerizing about Sarkomand. The chants on songs like Nachtwind help to create a sense of triumph over the wonderfully dark riffs and inhuman growls that dominate so much of the music. These songs are not meant to be taken lightly and when they kick in you can feel a sense of true darkness creeping over you. The songwriting here is truly brilliant, adhering to black metal maxims but unafraid to add touches of pure rock music. While not hooky per say, they certainly have something that you can latch on to, making the music of Ctulu a bit more accessible than your average black metal band.

Simply put, Sarkomand is one of those black metal records that captures your imagination. It's grim, unholy, and in many ways, wonderfully bleak. Period culminating with an apocalypse of black metal fury, skirting on the edge of destruction is kind of the point. Ctulu are taking you away to an eldritch land with a strange and inhuman geography that few dare to understand. Ctulu are truly special and I feel that their future is bright. Though they embrace the endless night, we must stand tall in the knowledge that the darkness makes us stronger.

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