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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shredhead - Death Is Righteous

If nothing else, Shredhead know how to name a band, and a record. Beyond that, I've got to say that they write some pretty tight thrashy death metal. Torn from the crypt and dedicated to thrashing it up, these extreme metallers are crafting something which will capture the imagination of any metal fan. Death Is Righteous has wonderful grooves, sick growls and a sense of forward momentum that keeps you spinning the record time after time. Shredhead will melt your face off, and that's what this music was always meant to do.

I think that the occasional hooks and wonderfully angry vocals manage to come together to make Shredhead almost mesmerizing. There is something distinctly memorable about these songs. They may not have fancy melodies or big choruses but god damn do these guys know how to riff. Just a bit technical and always a joy to latch on to, Death Is Righteous proves that Shredhead are not only great riffers, but much more importantly, also great songwriters. This record is proof of Shredheads ability to craft songs that inspire the listener and force them to rear their mutual heads and become masters of their own reality.

There is something distinctly empowering about Death Is Righteous it's an album that makes to want to stomp out a circle pit and beat your chest. Filled with tight angular guitar parts and a drum attack that will force you to bang your head, Shredhead are not going to slow down anytime soon. They understand the beauty, nay, the power and glory of heavy metal, and they want to spread it like Snooki. The epitome of fetch, and a blasting triumph of a record, Death Is Righteous is here to guide you to the grave.

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