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Monday, December 29, 2014

Kolony - Sledge

Filled with guitarmonies, heavy riffs, and big choruses, Kolony are the kind of band who understand the fun of heavy metal but aren't afraid to get heavy. A sort of beautiful bastardization of Megadeth and Iron Maiden these songs show a band with a poignant artistic vision which will capture the imagination. Sledge is proof that Kolony are not only great musicians but also excellent songwriters who know how to craft something special out of what they have been given, heavy metal to enlighten fans for a modern age.

Sledge has a distinct flavor, and in a world that sees as much metal released ever year as ours does, this is a feat in and of itself. Despite the wealth of melodic content, Kolony don't ease up on the grooves. The riffs here are wonderfully chunky and these songs will get you to do the dance of death as you search for peace beyond the next hill. Sledge is proof that Kolony have what it takes to prosper in a harsh environment. The occasional falsetto employed by the bands lead singer provides the perfect example of this, the entire sound is built on beautiful contradictions, and when high pitched vocals come in it gives a fun respite from the trademark sneer that dominates the music.

In the end, we are left with a band who have a distinct vision and a heart for a sound that only they can create. Kolony are seeping into a darker world and as you get a better sense for what they're on about it becomes clear they are masters. Though I didn't really 'get' this record until I was a few songs, it evidences the depth of the Kolony sound. Certainly worth at least a handful of listens Sledge will punish and please you, providing a wealth of emotion that will leave you on bended knee a slave to the groove.

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