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Monday, December 29, 2014

Pears - Go To Prison

I don't think I've ever loved a new punk rock release like I loved Pears Go To Prison after just one listen. It's everything I wanted punk rock rock to be, fast, violent, fun, and politically charged. Here is a band who in between rants about the police and the wonderfully brutal closing track Grimespree find time to play a Ramones cover and reference Suicidal Tendencies. Really, what more could a guy want out of a punk band? Pears are smart, but also vicious, they give no quarter to posers, but are incredibly listenable.

Pears don't shy away from touches of melody to accent the brutal punk squawk that seems to define so much of their music. Even as the opener closes with a cry of "You're fucked" you realize that this album is only going to get better. There's a wonderful breadth of emotion captured here and it will stimulate the listener for many a spin. At the end of the day Go To Prison is inspiring and combines a wonderful diversity of punk rock sounds, from NOFX to the Germs and even touches of Napalm Death. There is something for everyone here and as it gets better as you go in. Wonderfully short and immaculate in its execution, this album is what punk rock is all about.

Simply put, Go To Prison captured my imagination because so much of it is strangely beautiful in the sense that only punk rock can really be brutal. With choruses you will occasionally sing along too and a sneering growl that has a very visceral sense of anger behind it, Pears are punk rock gods, fucked up and left in the gutter, but they like it that way. Dedicated to returning a true anger and sense of destruction to punk, Pears are the dose of reality the genre needed to go forward. So feel these unholy grooves and dive into the pit, Pears fucking get it, they don't need to use hardcore tropes to prove their point, and beyond that nothing else matters.

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