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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nihilisten Barbaarisuus - Synkka Tuuli

I know I normally don't normally review a band multiple times in a week but this week has been a real shitstorm and Nihilisten Barbaarisuus are simply that good. On top of that, I don't know what else has been getting me through this nightmare of a week other than their unique take on ambient and suicidally depressive black metal. Nihilisten Barbaarisuus prove with their Synkka Tuuli that they have a frighteningly deep understanding of the melancholy of everyday life and their music will guide you through the storms.

Another stellar release off of Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, Synkka Tuuli speaks to the morbid brutality of the human condition. With ambient keyboard melodies that will tug your heart strings and roaring guitars that are strangely muted underneath the madness of it all, Synkka Tuuli is not so much a record you listen too as one you fall in too. This is an album that speaks to the hidden brutality of the modern world and when it sneaks under your skin there is no real escape from the bleak reality it paints before you. This is an album that reflects primal sadness in a way that few of the bands peers can even dream of doing, and for that it is special. Nihilisten Barbaarisuus have outdone themselves with what is, simply put, a masterpiece.

Understated and magical Nihilisten Barbaarisuus use the seven tracks of Synkka Tuuli to prove that they are the true masters of their craft. Herein lies a band who have an incredible darkness to them, one that has to be heard to believe. It is not blasphemous or even that grim, just wonderfully sad. An emotive album if there ever was one, it's a constant source of amazement for me that these guys are not world renowned. As is, let these songs ring out, for if even one of us can engage with them, then they have done their role in permanently altering the human psyche.

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