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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Olam Ein Sof - Reino de Cramfer


I like to review all sorts of music on this site even if it technically is a metal blog (What is that even supposed to mean?) Olam Ein Sof's new record Reino de Cramfer is certainly unlike anything I've ever really heard. Labelled 'neomedieval' these guys are taking new folk to a whole new level. This is an album that contains music unlike any you've heard before, with exciting fills and a distinct variety of instruments employed, Reino de Cramfer is an extremely unique and engaging listening experience.

The beauty of this album is that the more you listen to it, the more you fall into the world it creates. There is something distinctly magical about this album as it dances through your mind. The soundscapes here speak to a band who don't mess with the every day beauty of folk music, instead they create somethign a lot darker and slightly atavistic. Using a bunch of authentic instruments certainly helps in creating the vibe, even though you can definitely hear elements of twentieth century composing interwoven into the sound. This music speaks to something older, the glorious history of Europe, it's ironic that it would come out of Brazil.

Olam Ein Sof have all of the unique know how and creativity of true masters. They have a sound that will speak to anyone with an interest in medieval times, but who still seeks an artist who is turned on to the sadness of modern times. Olam Ein Sof will capture your imagination and keep you going, despite what trials and tribulation you may be facing. Reino de Cramfer came out a few months ago but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still be pumped. These guys are simply inspirational, and I think they'll be going places fast!

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  1. I know the Olam Ein Sof for several years, I have all your CDs, I advise you to listen your music. Beautiful sound and wonderful singing.

    André Serrano