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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Unchained Beast - Guiding the Lamb

A thrash metal band who bring it loud and hard Unchained Beast are experts in the art of contrasting beautifully arranged classical portions with skin melting thrash. Toss in a few exciting guitar solos and you start to get a sense for the true destructive power of this band. With a little bit of everything giving flavor to the music, Unchained Beast show they understand what thrash is about. It makes their record a fun listen to, and with only five songs it's a bite size record that any thrash fan will be able to get in too.

While primarily influenced by American thrash it's hard for the band to deny their European roots. There is a certain rawness to the sound that nicely contrasts the more polished lines. One of the things that impresses me the most about this Norwegian trio is that they can so easily get a huge sound with just a few elements. As they plow through tracks like Gates of Dumbr it's hard not to want to get up and mosh. My only complaint is that at times the songs are too long, fortunately Unchained Beast introduce enough thematic material that Guiding the Lamb never gets dull. A particular highlight for me are the chuggy rhythm breaks which seem designed to get the pit started.

Fast, vicious, and vastly enjoyable, thrashers the world over will enjoy Guiding the Lamb. Sure it doesn't break new ground and certainly isn't part of the 'neo-thrash' or 'hyper thrash' movement, but for those of us who love it old school, there's nothing better. These guys get dirty in the pit and will break teeth wherever they go. So jump on in and feel the grooves. There is no other side, only darkness to come, but with Guiding the Lamb Unchained Beast guide you through the valleys with the hope of bringing you to those beautiful peaks.

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