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Monday, December 8, 2014

Johnny Wore Black - Walking Underwater Pt 2

It's rare that I find a record as unique sounding as this one, when I reviewed Johnny Wore Black when their debut came out I was fairly impressed with the distinct music they created, it seems like they took the idea and ran with it. Reminiscent only of Menace's Impact Velocity (A little known Mitch Harris side project) Johnny Wore Black are doing something truly special with their music and Walking Underwater Pt 2 speaks to the incredibly in depth and artsy music that these guys have become renowned for crafting.

There is something wonderfully anthemic about Johnny Wore Black, even though they almost never rely on big choruses. There is a distinct arena feel, you dig into this music and you start to feel it grooving its way into your bones. The soundscapes here are incredibly rich and as you sink into them it's easy to close your eyes and not want to find a way out. Johnny Wore Black are a lot more exciting than many of their peers and don't seem concerned with a lot of the boundaries that limit their peers. Here they stand, triumphant sitting back and enjoying the fact that they have just released what is quite frankly a masterpiece of an album.

Inherently progressive and singularly interesting to listen to I'm very excited for the future of this band. Johnny Wore Black understand what they want to do with their art and they've been able to craft it such that it can have a massive appeal, from pop kids to fans of more underground music. Deeply fascinating and immaculate in its conception this promises to be an extremely iconoclastic release and shows a deep wellspring of potential. Who knows what these modern masters will be up too next?

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