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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Antigone Project - S/T

In a surprisingly short time Antigone Project has become a fixture of the French alternative scene, perhaps highlighting this bands power is their new EP, Antigone Project, four songs of liberating and spacey rock, this record is the kind of thing that represents a weird new direction that rock and roll has started to develop in in recent years. Distinctly French and fun to listen too time after time, this is an interesting record to spin and will certainly appease fans who are after a brainier variation on what is, after all, Chuck Berry's music.

Antigone Project have the sort of beautiful compositions that capture the imagination and let the heart fly. Yet it is all underscored by touches of rock that simply can't be denied. Despite the neo-classical elements that make this record so classy, there is just a touch of grit keeping things destructive. the synths have just enough edge to them that you have to wonder what Antigone Project are really on about and if they might just accidentally destroy the world. There is a clear sense of drive on this EP and one that keeps it interesting for multiple listens. These guys have managed to craft a very iconoclastic and distinct sound, one that will keep you inspired for many a spin.

At the end of the day, Antigone Project is the sort of thing that proves to me rock and roll will never die. These are the boys who seem destined to bring music to a new level. Sure it may not be rock in the traditional sense, hell it's not aggressive or angry really, but it speaks to the heart and that's all that matters. Out there and ready to break rules that you didn't even know existed, Antigone Project are lending legitimacy to twenty first century popular music and giving us a reason to look to the stars for guidance.

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