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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

One Last Shot - First Gear

First Gear cover art

Groovy Pantera derived hard rock, One Last Shot is the kind of music that makes me think of nights in bars smelling of cigarettes, beers, and fake boobs (They have a smell, I swear!) One Last Shot have managed to distill the sort of profound and powerful beauty that these places have into their music. Though they have yet to really break, they show that they are full of potential and are the kind of band who seem ready to rip your face off with their new EP, the ever memorable First Gear a rock and roll record that could only have come out in 2015.

There is something distinctly modern about this record. While the groove is definitely  primary aspect to this record, there's a lot of brutal moments that give us a tasty death metal twist. A sort of heavier version of Pantera, One Last Shot have the ability to crank out tracks that will leave you on bended knee, a slave not just to groove, but anthems that will make you smile and bang your head. Songs like Prophesick are wonderfully constructed and will capture your imagination. They reflect the deeper power of rock and roll and have proved to me that this is a band who not only have a clear artistic vision, but also a iconoclastic way of delivering it.

A sort of culmination of what rock and roll deserves to be in 2015, First Gear is a fun listen if nothing else. One Last Shot will rip your head off and bury it in the dirt as your body thrashes around, loving every minute of high energy rock masterworks like Skateboard Song. These guys understand what's been missing in rock and roll music these last few years and reinvigorate it with heavy riffs and a sense of fun. One Last Shot seem destined to go places, so why don't you hop along for the ride!

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