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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Archgoat - The Apocalyptic Triumphator

Oooh boy, I've been waiting almost a month to share this one with you guys. You can always depend on Archgoat to put out a beast of a record, and their latest, The Apocalyptic Triumphator is no exception. Featuring some of the bands most demented and gloriously evil material to date, this is proof that Archgoat still have what it takes to dominate the world of black metal. Brooding and fearsome The Apocalyptic Triumphator will capture your imagination and force you to consider a radical new type of darkness.

There is a sense of doom about this record that guides it forward and leaves the listener questioning their own sanity. The demonic cry of "Hail Satan, Hail Lucifer Hail Satan" on Grand Luciferian Theophany captures the imagination and swoops it off to a strange eldritch land. These are songs that will banish the light and teach you to embrace the glory of the darkest moments of winter. The Apocalyptic Triumphator with its odes to the glory of the Dark One is simply impressive in the level of (what our Judeo-Christian society views as) perversity and furthermore in the songwriting that seems to perfectly embody the music.

Symbolically I feel like this record is the crown of thorns finally being placed on the head of the Archgoat. The band has proven themselves to not only be black metal masters, but also gods of a new darker creation. The Apocalyptic Triumphator is proof of the eternal magic of black metal and will give no quarter to posers or those who do not revel in the murk. This is a record that simply feels evil and that is what makes it worth spin after spin, after spin. Possibly the best black metal record of 2015, I can only look forward into getting more deeply involved in this bands perverse secrets.

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  1. Most excellent! Preordered this and can hardly wait to get it. Archgoat are masters of Black Metal!