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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Weedeater - God Luck And Good Speed

Man I have been having way too much fun reviewing Season Of Mist's reissues of classic Weedeater records, it's rare that I get that chance to explore discographies in depth like this. The latest addition to their reissue catalog is their 2007 release God Luck And Good Speed providing nine wonderful tracks of gloriously stoned madness, with groovy riffs and touching acoustic parts that come together to prove the eternal dominance of the worlds premiere stoner metal band. At the end of the day, God Luck And Good Speed will melt your face and bring you to enlightenment.

As the buzzed out madness of this record kicks in, all I want to do is sit back and let the perpetually dank riffs wash over me. These are songs of pure disfiguration, they force you onto your knees as you pray for some sort of divine intervention to keep you going.Yet, there is no light, only more weed. The distinctly browned out guitar tone on this record helps to make God Luck And Good Speed a full sensory experience, one that will leave the listener on bended knee, just trying to wrap their head around the colossal waves of pot smoke that seem to emanate from this album. It simply proves the blazing glory that Weedeater have been able to capture with this monster of a record.

This is the sort of album that you can spin again and again, for hours at a time. There is something distinctly magical about God Luck And Good Speed in the way that it captures the imagination and forces you to look beyond the lies that dominate everyday life. It gives you a chance to sit back, smoke a bowl and meditate on the sublime darkness that is invoked by this kind of music. Weedeater have always been a cut above the rest, but I feel like God Luck And Good Speed is the point where they proved that they have no peer, and when they truly were able to come in to their stoner metal throne.

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