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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Black Sheep Wall - I'm Going To Kill Myself

When Black Sheep Wall released No Matter Where It Ends in 2012 I was 16, and wondering if I would ever be cool enough to understand this kind of music. Now three years later I'm on the brink of 19 and realizing that, holy shit, these guys might actually be insane, and that is glorious. I'm Going To Kill Myself is abrasive as fuck, and not going to leave you with pretty little thoughts. No, this is an album that guides you to a dark road, even to suicide, because like I said, the guys in Black Sheep Wall might actually be insane.

There's actually something really mesmerizing about this record, in particular the thirty minute plus epic that is Metallica (By god I would love to know the lyrics to that little ditty) See, Black Sheep Wall have tapped into a perverted and beautiful segment of the human psyche. They give us a chance to reflect on our inner darkness and brood on the primeval evil that rules just a little below the surface. I'm Going To Kill Myself makes us face our demons and come to terms with how screwed up we all can be. In the end, I'm Going To Kill Myself will actually make you smile, it gives us a great glimpse at how perverted this whole gosh darned human comedy is.

Black Sheep Wall have all the wherewithal of a ton of bricks coming down to smash your teeth in. This is not a band to be messed with, they are instead going to capture your imagination and drag it deep into some sort of perverse Sarlaac pit. These are songs that thud there way into your mind and force you to realize that Black Sheep Wall are more than just a band, they are a vibe, an ideology even, something that will force you to broaden your horizons and realize that darkness is all that we see.

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