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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Destroying Divinity - Hollow Dominion

This album is in many ways all that a death metal record is supposed to be in 2014...or 2015 I guess we are now... It provides a sort of all out sonic assault with wonderfully guttural vocals that leave the listener in awe. This is not the sort of thing that you can take lightly, no, it is a veritable masterwork. Hollow Dominion reminds us how fragile the reality we face every day can be and encourages us to dig into something deeper and darker. There is no real respite to be had here, only the sort of primitive destruction that death metal alone can bring.

The nigh on oppressive heaviness that Destroying Divinity invoke in songs such as Scent of Death is extremely impressive. There songs are wonderfully dense, meaning that it takes three or more listens to even start to scratch the surface of what these guys are doing. Destroying Divinity flirt with brilliance on these songs. They have an attack that is wholly their own and I don't understand why they aren't bigger already. As you dig in to what Hollow Dominion is all about and start to get a better sense of the death metal annihilation within, it's hard to deny this bands sonic might. They will grab you by the hair and force you underwater and as you struggle to breathe you suddenly come to terms with the beautiful brutality of reality.

This is not an album for the faint of heart, and it's one that will inspire you to reflect upon your life and the hollow dominion within. Destroying Divinity are like a well oiled machine and watching them flawlessly execute their oh so distinct sound is a true pleasure. This band have the potential to be something far greater than they currently are, simply because they make you feel like you are about to die. So hold on tight and enjoy the ride, the world is coming to an end and Destroying Divinity are here to slit your throat.

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