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Friday, January 2, 2015

Hell In The Club - Devil On My Shoulder

Sleazy and brilliantly orchestrated glam rock, Hell In The Club are the kind of band who understand what it means to rock in 2015. Their latest release Devil On My Shoulder is the kind of innovative and exciting hard rock record that has you singing along and headbanging for the entirety of the record. Far too much fun and a welcome respite from the doom, death, and black metal that dominate this website, Hell In The Club are rock and roll icons in the making who truly understand what the genre is all about.

Devil On My Shoulder captures your heart simply in its songwriting. These are tracks that will leave your jaw on the floor. They capture a sort of hedonistic zeitgeist in a way that very few of their peers could even dream of. Hell In The Club are going to get you dancing all around, evidencing the almighty magic that rock music can still have. When these grooves and pounding riffs wind their way into your heart it's impossible to break free. Toss in some fun guitar solos that nicely compliment soaring vocals and you get a sense for what these guys are all about, rock and roll that feels right and has no limits.

Hell In The Club may very well be my new favorite hard rock band, they make me want to dance, and that is the sort of thing that sets bands like this apart. Probably my favorite ever release from Scarlet Records, Hell In The Club are doing something fun and undeniably heavy. They will capture your imagination as you feel the beautiful rock and roll nightmare that they paint for you. Personal and borderline orchestral in its conception Devil On My Shoulder is everything you like about rock and roll!

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