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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kyle Gass Band - S/T

It's not every day that you get promotional material from one of the guys in Tenacious D. A wonderfully tasty little record this debut release from the Kyle Gass band speaks to the power of this guy as a musician and entertainer. Rock and roll in a pure and modern form, this is the sort of thing that doesn't break boundaries but certainly opens minds. These guys have a strong understanding of rock and roll music and manage to manifest itself in a humorous way that proves the continued skill of Gass as a writer and musician. 

Part of the beauty of this record is that it captures a variety of emotion while still staying fairly funny and lighthearted. There is nothing overtly challenging about this release yet it has a very profound beauty to it that is hard to ignore. Kyle Gass has proven that he can put together something really special seperate from Tenacious D. He has managed to craft a brave new world of sound that speaks to the human condition and can make you smile, and even cry. Gypsy Scroll is a veritable coming of age for Kyle Gass. Proof that he is coming up as a triumphant musician in his own right it's kind of cool to see Gass putting together something this beautiful.

So what is the fundamental lesson that Gass is teaching us with this record? I can't say I'm qiute sure, but what I do know is that Gass is a creative force and one who seems destined to go on to far greater things. Sure these songs are silly, but I don't think he needs to always be silly to succeed. He has an incredible depth of potential that kind of brings him to a strange new level, one held only by true masters of the craft. Perhaps thats the lesson from the debut, that true art can arise from humor and funny men can rise up and become some of the great artists of their age.

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