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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beyond The Dust - Khepri

I'll admit it, it's been way to long since I've listened to any prog metal. Beyond The Dust are the kind of band who bring this sort of music to the fore with a sound that is powerful, passionate, and perfectly constructed. These are songs that represent the height of modern prog with a great mix of cleans and growls, intricate song structures, and lots of wonderfully complex lead lines. In other words, Beyond The Dust provides almost everything that a prog fan, or even your average metal dude, might want.

My chief complaint is that Khepri lacks any sort of 'Oh shit' moment where things really take off, but that might just be a reflection of how spoiled my ears have gotten with years of promotional material. See, the depth of the compositions here is impressive and takes multiple listens to grasp. Khepri is the product of lots of hard work, the kind of thing that only a true musician could dream up. The sonic landscapes crafted from the first true 'song' Clarity set the tone for the rest of the album to come. With ethereal and slightly watery production, listening to Khepri is like staring into the depths of another world.

In short, Beyond The Dust are a band loaded with potential and though their record never quite takes a place in my heart, I think true prog fans will find it worth a few spins. These are tracks that have been constructed by veritable geniuses, dudes who can come together and make something that will touch the hearts and minds of those who listen. Masters of their music, my only hope is that these guys put out another album soon where they can truly prove themselves. They seem destined to dominate the progsphere, it's now only a matter of maturing!

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