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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lord Dying - Poisoned Altars

Is it wrong to describe Lord Dying as Crowbar for a new generation? Because I think they are. They have that same magical mix of doom metal with hardcore, call it demented, call it derivative, or better yet call it sludge, it ultimately doesn't matter, because by god is it good. Toss in a few flashy solos and punishing grooves that leave the listener beaten to their knees and you see that Lord Dying are more than just talented musicians, they are metal masters who have crafted a release that will capture the imagination for many a spin.

Lord Dying are wonderfully abrasive, that's all there is too it. Beyond the flashy solos and skin peeling riffs, Lord Dying are just a band who set your hair on end. It's rare that a band manages to create a record that is not only this pissed off, but also that tight. Despite the distinct jam oriented feel of some of these songs, there are never any doubts as to the quality of the musicianship. Lord Dying are the kind of band who are not just going to force you to your knees, but also pull the trigger. They take the listener on a journey with Poisoned Altars one filled with crazed solos and dangerous riffs, a journey that makes the listener stronger.

This album is the sort of thing that only truly exceptional bands have the creative wherewithal to release. Lord Dying is a step beyond anything similar going on these days, not by virtue of being heavier, faster, darker, nor any other verb that might come to mind when describing a band, they are simply the best at the craft. The only concern I'm left with is wondering how Lord Dying can be expected to outdo this particular masterpiece. Poisoned Altars will blow your mind, so sink in your teeth and hold on tight!

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