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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mass Hypnosis - Sanctimonious


Uber politicized industrial death metal that comes from the darkest corners of the factory to rip your eyes out, that's what you get when you dig into the enduring magic of Mass Hypnosis's new record Sanctimonious. There is something colossally heavy about their new record. It captures the imagination and forces us to reconsider what music can be. More than that, Mass Hypnosis will challenge your paradigms and give you new ways of thinking about life, politics, and even the nature of reality.

Sanctimonious is so captivating to me because they don't feel confined to use common sounds. In fact, they go far from it, delving out into music that is unique and diverse, the kind of thing that you explore and then spin again and again trying to figure out the method to the madness. These songs have an otherworldly feel to them, I was never one for factories, so the stark realities that they paint with these songs are made even more shocking. There is a bleak sense of humans nihilistic fate that dominates this record and makes Sanctimonious almost scary at times. That being said, sometimes it goes over the top, coming across as a bit too preachy, yet with time I'm sure they'll learn to scale it back when necessary.

Mass Hypnosis have pulled out something extremely tasty with this release, and it makes me want to track the career of the band even more now. They seem to be full of promise, and there sound is distinct enough to give them the power to shine far above their peers. Not a lot of bands have this kind of distinct vision guiding them through the fire and the thorns. Mass Hypnosis realize the power that industrial sounds have over our twenty first century hearts and will guide us from the void to something beautiful.

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