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Monday, January 19, 2015

Devilish Impressions - Adventvs

It's rare that I bump into a new fairly popular evil sounding sludge/doom band that I haven't really heard before. Devilish Impressions are one such band and they have left me extremely impressed. Their unsacred and brutal attack is the stuff of nightmares, launching out of the headphones and holding you hostage for their new EP Adventvs as you navigate your way through its gloriously perverted sixteen minute run time. This band will capture your imagination and guide you to the most putrid murk.

Adventvs is the kind of band who open your eyes to worlds unheard of, who have such a wonderful variety in their sound that it's kind of impossible to hate on them. There is something deliciously epic about Adventvs and the way that it comes forth to show you a new way forward, a path into the frightening darkness that defines our age. Devilish Impressions get how to crush the hearts and minds of doom metal freaks across the globe and they are only just starting to realize their full potential. Their ten minute epic Adventvs Regis is so good it makes the second track, Meteoron, which is excellent in its own right, feel like an afterthought.

So, where does it leave us? Simply put, this is one of the best sludgy and heavy EP's of 2015 so far and will probably hold that title for most of the year. Reminiscent of acts like Lord Mantis there is something deliciously evil about this record, making it something you won't soon forget. Devilish Impressions understand raw and destructive evil and won't stop you from fading into the black. This is a band who will gouge out your eyes and leave you to rot, they are Devilish Impressions and given their way, they will leave far more than impressions.

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