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Monday, January 26, 2015

Not Scientists - Destroy to Rebuild

I always like finding a cool indie-punk band, especially when they come from my homeland of France. Not Scientists are the kind of band who have managed to fuse two disparate genres and make a brand of punk that is accessible and powerful, something that can touch the heart and show the eternal power that a four on the floor beat and only a couple of chords can have. With Destroy to Rebuild Not Scientists have been able to create something distinctly human that will capture your imagination and show you a bright new future for punk rock. 

The thing is, this record has stellar production and great singing. They come together alongside some tight songwriting to create something that is truly memorable. There is a sense of hope that dominates Destroy To Rebuild, it shows us a way forward in the darkness, through the thorns of despair Destroy To Rebuild provides hope on the other side. Not Scientists are the kind of band who will allow you to explore new soundscapes of a sort you might have never experienced otherwise. It simply speaks the greatness of this band, not just as a musical force, but as craftsmen of a sound greater than themselves.

Never too ferocious but not afraid to bite, Not Scientists have come far from their punk roots to create something almost transcendent. They sound beautiful and powerful, musicians who are crafting a brave new world before us to give us the means we need to triumph. Destroy To Rebuild is indie-punk in its finest form, speaking to the power of a band who seem destined to take on the world. These guys have it figured it out, and I look forward to hearing more from these soul touching rock and roll masters.

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