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Monday, January 26, 2015

Nekroacropolis - Birdflesh/Slavebreed

Call me demented, but I've always been fascinated with grindcore seven inch splits. They have a sort of demented beauty when they come tearing out of shitty speakers, speaking to the eternal power of punk. Birdflesh and Slavebreed are both veritable legends in their own right so this particular split is especially magical. With a grand total of nine songs none exceeding two minutes in less, this split, with all its blackened sprinklies and crusty d-beats serves as a veritable primer for the power that this kind of music can have over you.

These two bands, while they certainly have unique elements to them, compliment each other nicely. Nekroacropolis is powerful because it finds a balance between these two destructive bands and choke slams you into the wall. Birdflesh have touches of black metal making their blasphemies all the more interesting. They dominate the first side of the split, their eight second track, Breakfast Time is remarkable creative given its limitations. Meanwhile, Slavebreed have pulled together something a little groovier that still keeps the oppressive heaviness going. They blast you to bits with buzz saw guitars, proving their skill as merchants of despair.

At the end of the day, splits like Nekroacropolis represent what grindcore is all about, collaboration between creatives to build something greater, something that speaks to the essential state of mankind. Though they might not acknowledge it, there is something very beautiful to both bands. They give us an iconoclastic look at the human condition, one that will keep us going for the show, until it's time to go. These guys are both worth checking out in greater depth and the way that they have united forces is remarkable, go forth, live the grind, and embrace the beautiful darkness of Nekroacropolis.

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