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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thulcandra - Ascension Lost

Man, there is not nearly enough good black metal being released these days, which is especially shocking considering that the stuff that is being released is honestly among the best I've ever heard. The latest addition to the pantheon is Thulcandra's new masterwork Ascension Lost. See, Thulcandra have crafted black metal of a sort that is a logical progression on the old school masters. There is something distinctly epic about songs like Deliverance In Sin And Death, yet it retains the stripped back power of the majesty of old.

The sweeping beauty of Ascension Lost will capture your imagination, as you soar through epic soundscapes crafted by touching guitar lines and padded out with wonderful synthesizer parts. There is a bounty of emotion captured in these songs. They are expertly orchestrated such that the listener can't help but feel touched by the searing guitar lines. Meanwhile the vocals, in their shrieked madness have a sort of very human beauty to them. They reflect all of the despair, sorrow and extinction that defines the human condition. It is the icing on the black metal cake, the proof that in 2015, black metal can still threaten to make me cry.

Thulcandra have, in a time where black metal gets nowhere near enough cred, managed to release a black metal album that is nearly as great as anything Emperor did (Albeit, fairly different) The wintry staying power of Ascension Lost will jerk a tear or two from your eyes and force you onto bended knee, a slave to the immortal power of black metal. The mix of dark and light, beauty and hate have all united for Thulcandra to become one of the worlds premier black metal acts and one I am going to have to check out in much greater depth!

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