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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Alogia - Elegia Balcanica

One of the most exciting metal bands to be rising out of Eastern Europe right now, Alogia are the kind of group who have a sense of old school cool to them that makes the music so enjoyable. Alogia speak to a sort of primal view of heavy metal that most of us still hold dear in our hearts. With epic vocals and fancy guitar parts, these dudes fall clearly on the power metal side of things and their dedication to the roots of the genre is magical. A truly enjoyable listen Alogia are going to inspire you for days to come.

Elegia Balcanica takes its grand old time starting up, but once the tracks kick in, there is a definite sense of wonder to the music. The choruses are epic and some of the lyrical topics are borderline corny, yet that's just a part of what makes this band so interesting to me. Elegi Balcanica is not without its artsier moments. The solos are often extremely long and allow for lots of exploration. This is established right off the bat with Callis Ad Astra and the theme is continued throughout. Another highlight is the clean vocals, which gel with the synths to craft a sound that captures the imagination and will put a smile on your face.

Alogia may very well be the power metal hope for Eastern Europe. This is music that is exciting and inspiring, tightly polished and distinctly European. Let the magic of Alogia find its way into your heart today as you try to navigate the snowy fields and dark truths that hunt us all. The snow comes down hard, yet the jams are harder ad Alogia get this. Rising from a country that has too often been fucked over Aogia are the sound of freedom and may very well take your hand and guide you to victory.

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