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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ampallang Infection - Universal Infection

Universal Infection cover art

When I got Universal Infection on cassette last month at Baltimores A389 Bash I thought I would be able to figure out how to play it on my cassette player, that never happened, so now I have fallen back to Bandcamp for this review. At a little more than four minutes long, with Universal Infection Ampallang Infection do an impressive job of totally annihilating any idea of what music can be. From the remarkably catchy Breaking Character With Shotguns to the nihilistic glory of a song like Eradicating All That Grows, Ampallang Infection seem to be a band apart. With a drum machine which often exceed 400 BPM and vocals that gurgle up from a dark pit of hell, Ampallang Infection will knock you on your ass and leave you stunned. There is something deliciously shocking about Universal Infection and in a world where so little has value anymore that sonic blasphemy that this band represents is perhaps the only true art we have left. 

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