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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bedemon - Child Of Darkness

A friend of mine who lives on my floor recently asked me "Do you pretty much only listen to doom metal all day?" To which I was forced to reply "Yes, yes I do". So it's kind of satisfying to go back in time and listen to Bedemon, the precursor to Pentagram, the band who started it all in America and seem destined to make sure that American metal bands would be able to bathe in all that is slow and heavy. Child Of Darkness is a necessary retrospective that any doom fan is going to want to spin again and again.

There is something rather magical about these songs, the fact that they come out of the basement recordings from generations ago is a large part of it. It shows that Bedemon are more than just a band who deliver dark and sublime sounds, but also a band who embody the spirit of the underground because they essentially shaped it. You can't argue with the mastery of songs like Frozen Fear. In their downtuned fuzzed out glory they speak to a level of metal madness that few of the bands peers could even dream of. Child Of Darkness forces you to face a world abandoned of light and proves this is all we truly need.

So let yourself sink into Child Of Darkness and all it represents. Taking the listener back 40 odd years is no mean feat, yet within the first few bars of a song like One-Way Road the task is already complete. Bedemon embody a time and place and the journey that you will find yourself on as you jam this band is one that few others can take you on. Herein lies a largely forgotten act who shaped the American scene and continue to shape it to this day. With a few reunion gigs lines up in the near future, you can't help but spin this and fly to the show nearest to you!

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