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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Morality Crisis

Surrounded By Dweebs cover art

Schizophrenic and borderline maniacal, Morality Crisis are the kind of band who have a lot going on and take a lot of listens to really get into. Their new record, (well, tape) Surrounded By Dweebs effectively illustrates the madness I feel every day. At around eleven minutes long it speaks to the ADD generation, yet there is enough musical meat at hand such that the dedicated fan can get a handful of good listens out of this without getting bored. Morality Crisis have something fairly unique going for them and in many ways it defies genre classifications. All you need to know is that they don't need any of your goddamn rules and they can get extremely fucking heavy. With harsh vocals that are almost shouted at times Morality Crisis have a distinctly American vibe. The heavy does of punk rock that accentuates this record (especially the second half) has a profound influence on the music as a whole and forces you to look within to find true meaning.

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