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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Evil Invaders - Pulses of Pleasure

I've also had an affinity for thrashy speed metal, with guitar harmonies and vicious vocals, where can you go wrong? As you feel the infectious grooves of these songs wind their way into your heart there is nothing to do but bang your head and wish you were dead. Evil Invaders understand what the genre is all about and when they bring it, the bring it all. The high pitched shrieks and raw energy communicated from the first suggests that these guys may be a modern version of Exodus, doomed to take on the world.

With guitar solos seemingly in every song, you never get a sense that Evil Invaders will leave you bored. Instead Pulses of Pleasure is a seat of your pants listening experience that guides you through one of the most exciting metal albums I have heard in a good while. Sure everything is high pitched and high speed, yet the music is surprisingly dynamic, you can't help but crack a smile as the bands energetic frontman pours himself into exciting vocal lines. There is a sense of freedom and innovation here that truly hearkens back to the 80s, suggesting that this kind of music will never die, but only become louder

In many ways it seems that speed metal is making a comeback, and a lot of these records are being promoted through Napalm, they seem to have a handle on what's hot, andare doing very well as a result of it. This is a very exciting time for speed metal, it's a new birth and suggests that we may soon have a new Helloween. As for Pulses of Pleasure Evil Invaders have more than proven their mettle in metal and leave you begging for more. Hopefully it won't be too long before they come to smash our faces again!

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