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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vile Disgust

Love All The Pigs cover art

Every once in a while I naively think that I have found the peak of brutality, as if after a certain point things can't get any more offensive or violent or plain ol' fucked up. Then I discover a band like Vile Disgust and realize that I may very well be only scratching the surface. Brutal to a fault and wonderfully simplistic, I'm still not sure if I actually like this band or if I'm just in awe of how far they've crossed the line. In a world where the internet has normalized all sorts of horrifying stuff It's kind of satisfying that a group can still shock. The blasting magic and pig squeals that define songs with creative titles like "How To Make a Girl Fart" are nicely contrasted by unholy samples hinting at murder, rape, or even just people puking. Vile Disgust have created something so beautifully anti-art I can't help but smile and encourage people to check these dudes out. In other words, watch out guys, Urban Outfitters should be stocking Vile Disgust merch any day now!

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