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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mortals/Repellers Split

Man it feels like forever since I covered a split, especially one as cool as this one. Now, I've heard of Mortals before, they may be NYC's best black metal band. Toss in three tracks from Repellers, a West Philly act who I have strangely enough not heard of and you've got yourself yet another stellar split from Broken Limbs. These are songs not of innocence, but experience, showing us a bleak reality of the sort we must face every day. With stunning monochromatic soundscapes, these bands come together to do something truly special.

Mortals kick off the split with their sole contribution, an eight minute plus epic that takes you on an emotional journey. This is a masterwork that revels in the stripped back glory of black metal, yet proves that the genres bombastic side is not lost on the dudes in Mortals. As side A finishes you can't help but feel that it flows very nicely into the primitive beauty of Descend, the first track on the Repellers side of the split. Repellers do a great job of creating a distinct sound for themselves and forcing you to look deep within to understand what the hell is going on. Once things get heavy there is no respite and you are forced to choke on sublime darkness.

So I leave you with this dear reader, what greater goal can a split accomplish than giving us two acts who perfectly compliment each other and simply work together? Mortals and Repellers manage to do this with their split and it leaves you smiling, prepared to face a brave new day. Sure its snowing too hard, and yes, people may freeze to death on the street tonight, yet somehow, we will persevere. Through the darkness splits like this stand strong and give us reason to wake up and face what may be a bitter morning.

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