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Monday, February 16, 2015

Killer Refrigerator

This may be the most important post I ever make on this site. There is a war going on, right beneath our eyes, our appliances are rising up to kill us, and Killer Refrigerator may very well be our only hope. The only band brave enough to stand up against the appliance scourge, Killer Refrigerator speak a gospel of truth through thrash metal that is technical, mathy, and a joy to listen too. With surprisingly complex songs for a band who you'd think want to just communicate their vitally important message, Killer Refrigerator prove that musically fascinating tracks are a key part to alerting the human race of their impending doom. Metal has a proud tradition of telling it like it is, and never has a band been more frank, or dealt with a topic more brutal than Killer Refrigerator. This may very well be the band who save us all. Thrash metal for a generation destined to fight the single greatest threat to humanity since the Second World War, Killer Refrigerator are truly inspiring.

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