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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Night - Soldiers of Time

I may be wrong, but I get the distinct sense that my beloved Vest Metal of yesteryear is starting to come back. With the incredibly emotive artistic achievement that is Soldiers of Time Night have managed to rise up and prove that they are spearheading a whole new wave of hard rock bands who understand the role of the genre in 2015. With tracks bordering along power metal right next to acoustic ballads, Soldiers of Time is diverse to say the least and is guaranteed to get any rockers heart beating faster.

There is a distinct sense of artistry with these songs, in a way they are almost reminiscent of Thin Lizzy, not because they have guitarmonies and the like, but rather because they seem to be turned on to something greater. The albums glorious climax comes in the last track, Stars In The Sky, a progressive masterwork that will capture the imagination of even the most jaded fan. As you slip in to the mystical layers that this record weaves around the listener its hard not to want to reach out and find a way out of this false reality. Night understand the concept of pure ontological freedom, and their comforting melodies, powerful vocals, and natural progressions allow you to fully embrace that.

Wonderfully epic in its conception and touching in the way the songs are delivered there is something very human about Soldiers of Time. The only real criticism I can offer is that some of the higher vocals feel forced, yet that really only adds to the beautiful humanity of this band. At the end of the day, Night speak to something in all of us and will give you the ability to bring hard rock back into your life. These guys are inspiring, exciting and set to change the world, so will you hop on for the ride?

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  1. There is no way something bad comes out of Bacon. Really nice band.