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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Slow grooves and wolves involved in the cover art, Pohjast is a band for me. A doomy folk metal act from Finland, Pohjast have a wonderful sense of the epic. The way their songs trudge forward and the masterful production allows everything to ring out is beautiful. These are tracks that guide the listener through the fire and the flames, storms of wind and rain. Pohjast invoke powerful atmospherics with their new record Matused simply because this kind of music speaks to the more primitive soul. As the epic vocal lines ring out and you feel the bleak triumph of pieces like November you realize that Pohjast are turned on to something rather new. Folk metal has stagnated for years now, but these guys seems destined to rise up beyond the unholy grave and prove the genre still has something to say. With wonderfully intricate compositions that carry you on a glorious musical adventure, Matused hints at a bright future for these Finns!

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