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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Prong - Songs From The Black Hole

Prong is one of those bands I never fully got. There's a lot going on in any given album of their and I do find them to be pretty darn interesting. When I saw them opening for Overkill a few months ago I got the sense that they function as rock gods for a new generation, yet I couldn't get far beyond that. Songs From The Black Hole helps to provide a excellent look into what Prong is all about, enhancing my appreciation for the wonderfully unique music the band plays by giving me an idea of where the music comes from.

The covers here are all of extremely high quality. The distinctive Prong flavor shines through, and even dominates certain tracks, yet the original composition is always respected. I think it speaks to the power of Prong that they have such a distinct taste that it can be felt across genres as they breathe new life into classics. One thing that really struck me about Song From The Black Hole is the number of hardcore covers. With songs from Bad Brains, Adolescents, Discharge, and Black Flag, they give a distinct flavor to the record. More rock-oriented jams can also be found, but I think it's the sort of fusion that defines Prong.

Essentially, the combination of hardcore grooves with fairly traditional rock is what makes Prong the band they are today. Listening to a cover of a song like Cortez The Killer by Neil Young right after the Bad Brains anthem, Banned In DC gives you a new understanding of both tracks, yet also hints at where Prong is really coming from. This is music that will open your mind and teach you bold new things about one of heavy musics premier bands. One of my favorite cover records to come out in a good long while, it only leaves me wanting to dive right back into the Prong discography!

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