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Friday, February 20, 2015

Pyramids - A Northern Meadow

Profound Lore have always tickled my fancy because they have no fear of putting out records which seem to break all the boundaries. This new release from Pyramids, A Northern Meadow speaks to the transcendent power of the genre and its ability to carry listeners from peak to peak as you explore majestical ambient soundscapes. Pyramids understand the true spirit of this kind of music and this record takes you on a journey. Though it may be hard to tell when one song stops and the next begins, when you come to the end of the record, you know for certain the the voyage is complete.

As you delve into these songs its hard to not close your eyes and drift away on an astral voyage. Pyramids seem to be turned on to something much greater than themselves, the music they play is transcendent to say the least. A Northern Meadow eschews any kind of traditional song structure and instead guides the listener down a path of outer isolation. These are songs of innocence and experience, that are meant to make you stronger. They communicate a certain knowledge of the world that few of their peers would dare touch on. Pyramids get the darkness of reality, but also the light, and they want to give you the strength to carry on.

The surprisingly vicious guitar lines and ethereal keyboards come together to form something special. It's hard to listen to a song like My Father, Tall As Goliath and not appreciate the beauty of the composition. Pyramids are musical geniuses for the twenty first century. A Northern Meadow suggests that while we can honor the old rules we don't need to live by them, and while they can shape our soundworld's we can also exploit them to create something greater than the old masters could have possibly imagined.

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