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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Monsterworks - The Existential Codex

It's rare to find a band who push the boundaries of what metal can be as much as Monsterworks do. A band who rely as much on vibe as anything else, Monsterworks have been able to create the kind of music that forces you to re-evaluate an entire genre. The Existential Codex is the sort of masterwork that features a variety of vocal styles, epic instrumentation, and the knowledge that this kind of music can progress beyond mere sound and become something that is truly a part of you that will drive you into the future.

The Existential Codex is remarkable because within the span of just one song they can shatter every paradigm you have ever had about metal. While I certainly am no Mastodon fan, I might go so far as to describe them as the band Mastodon doesn't have the balls to be. Monsterworks are brilliantly progressive yet also to the point. They bring together a wealth of ideas into something that touches the soul and proves that heavy metal has a long ways to go before the genre can be considered dead. Sure this is the exception, not the rule, but Monsterworks seem set to create a long and noble career for themselves.

A record worth many listens there is a lot to dig into when spinning The Existential Codex. This is the rare album that takes you on a journey through so many style you're left with your mind reeling and a smile on your face. Monsterworks speak to the heart and the deeper you delve into the strange soundworld that they have crafted with songs like Engine, the more you can become in touch with your own humanity. The Existential Gods has Album of the Year-esque potential, and Monsterworks are doomed to go far.

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  1. I wouldn't normally post on one of our own reviews, but we're all friends here (we definitely are now)....anyway...

    It is worth mentioning that the album will be available for FREE download from our bandcamp page on 27 February. Also, there will be a CD/Blu-Ray version with additional tracks, all in 5.1 surround, that cranks up the epic-ness a few notches further.