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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sewercide - Severing The Mortal Cord

Sewercide invoke old school death metal, yet it would be hard to call them a part of the movement. At the same time, they speak to a sort of vicious reality that lies deep within us in a way that few bands other than the likes of Massacre and Obituary can even dream of. Part of what makes their new record Severing The Mortal Cord so fascinating to me is the way that it brings together genres, with old school Swedish death metal dominating certain riffs, and Florida tech death impinging upon others.

The fact of the matter is that within the dense layers of death metal English, Sewercide are speaking to a much greater part of the human condition. Setting the tone right off the bat is the immortal Rituals Of Ceremonial Sickness it functions as a model, proving the balls to the wall madness that defines the Sewercide sound. The raw energy on this record is delicious and it is nicely padded with chunky riffs, huge chugs and circle pit inducing drum parts. These guys go for the throat and their wall of sound is the sort of thing that most bands can only fantasize of having. Sewercide will rape your eardrums and leave you to die.

The thing is, there is something innately satisfying about Sewercide and other bands of their ilk. These tracks have fascinating riffs that almost remind me of Carcass at times. Australia has always birthed some exciting death metal bands, and Sewercide seem destined to take on the mantle and rise up, masters of a brave new world, men who will fight for ontological freedom and will smash in skulls until they get their way. Sewercide speaks to the human condition, and if you don't get it, too fucking bad.

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